2017 is the year of Stan and Tim's Imaginative Adventures

Between one reason and another poor SnT (Stan and Tim) have been off the page for a while.

How we miss their purrs and meows...

Well this year will see their return!

A story sketched out and some warm up painted sketches

Stay tuned for some updates and concept sketches of future stories.

- Mikey




Meow meow!

It's been a while (lots of cat naps ...as well as Mikey being busy with other work) but we're active and looking for more Imaginative Adventures!

A table has been booked for The Shrewsbury International Comic Art Festival and we plan to be there with Volume 2.

Mikey has already been warming up his sketching and paint skills to give the next comic a slightly different feel..

If you have a cat you know that weird licking chest technique they have.

Slim line, super thin line, red pencil line...

...brown line... the artist has many decisions to make in his creative process.

There's three stories for the next volume already being written and soon to be illustrated.



Raising tails with excitement as Stan and Tim help raise money for Cramar

Hi Kitty Fans!

Some new and exciting news to announce:

Stan and Tim's Imaginative Adventures comic creator (artist/writer), Mikey (that's me), loves to help out disadvantaged cats.

When I go to Spain to visit my girlfriend, Pilar, I have come across an area of Spain that has a "stray cat problem". I often see in the streets, parks and industrial areas lots of stray cats and their kittens. So many are under fed and even have infected wounds - it's such a sad sight to see. 

While in Spain I try and do my part to help the cats by buying cat treats and food and feed those we see...

Word has got out - human has treats.

Mikey: "Hola, gato!" Cat: "Buenos dias, seƱor humana!"

C-can I have some more? (but in kitty Spanish of course)

Not posing - honest. Didn't realise how many photos Pilar had taken of me and the cats.
Meanwhile back in the UK in the West Midlands....

There is a wonderful organisation where cats are looked after, taken in, rescued, and put up for adoption. That place is: Cramar Cat Rescue & Sanctuary 
After seeing countless updates on Cramar's  Facebook page, I wanted to do my bit to help the cats at Cramar and make sure they are kept fed, treated for any illnesses and get any toys and beds required as well as looking after the feral cats who can't be homed through adoption.

I will be attending a number of Cramar fund raising events this year and offering my caricature and pet cartoon portrait skills to help raise money. Any sales I make through on the spot caricatures or through pet cartoon portraits on these days I will donate all proceeds to Cramar.

Pet cartoon portrait

Pet cartoon portrait

Pet cartoon portrait

Pet cartoon portrait

Pet cartoon portrait

Pet cartoon portrait

...and not forgetting the Stan and Tim's Imaginative Adventures comic book

Buy your copy HERE
Any comics sold on the Cramar event days - all the money will go to Cramar.